Analytics for Investor Awareness

irExceptional Outcomes is at the forefront of modeling the impacts of Social Media and Behavioral Finance on equity trading. We don’t build our state of the art programs just for giggles. We are focused on delivering a portfolio of products and services designed to improve the bottom line of both institutional investors and investor awareness companies.




marketresponseWhat really drives price and volume appreciation of microcap and nanocap stocks? Is it investor emails? Twitter feeds? Perhaps it is the relentless posts in stock chat rooms and stock forums? One thing is for sure. If you are a investor awareness company and you don’t know what is driving buying from your promotions then you are needlessly throwing away time, money and effort. More importantly, you also aren’t going to realize the maximum price appreciation and trading for your promotions. If you work for an institution trading in microcaps, you are leaving profits on the table when these factors are unknown.

We at Exceptional Outcomes are experts in statistics and predictive analytics. Before getting involved in the stock promotion industry, we helped solve complex business problems associated with manufacturing, finance and healthcare.

Each day we collect thousands of pieces of data from social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook as well as data from previous promotions. From that data we use market response models and other forms of multivariate testing algorithms in order to understand what specific activities drive price and volume appreciation.


behavioralfinanceInvestors aren’t rational. We understand that while many facets of a stock promotion may be mathematically modeled with a good deal of accuracy, a trader’s actions that are not based on fundamental analysis are not. These traders, often referred to as noise traders make up most of the actors in a thinly traded microcap stock – whether they trade out of emotion, information outside of fundamentals or using a trading system.

Exceptional Outcomes is at the forefront of developing and using behavioral finance models which determine the effects of herd behavior on thinly traded equities. For stock promoters, these models provide insights on how to best communicate promotion information in order to improve overall investor conversions. These models also provide institutional investors information on how to optimize equity accumulation and distribution as to optimize profits.



internetmarketingWhen an investor comes to your web site, you have only three seconds to convince them to give you their email address…..GO! There are thousands of stock promotion websites on the internet. Some of them look rather slick, and even more of them that look horrendous.

We have partnered with award winning web designers, social media strategists and search engine optimization experts who leverage our behavioral finance knowledge and build for you a positive brand experience.

What does a positive brand experience provide you? It provides you increased investor awareness, sustained engagement from your newsletter subscribers and most of all the enhances investor trust.