Solutions and Services

cc Blended Contact Center Optimization
Exceptional Outcomes is the premier provider of both tools and services for setting up and optimizing blended contact centers. We can help you maximize agent productivity, increase right party engagement and improve call conversions. Our most popular service is our “Campaign Checkup”, which is performed solely off a call center’s dialer logs. It’s fast, it involves almost no effort on a call center’s part and we get paid nothing unless we find opportunities for improvement.


irAnalytics for Investor Awareness
Exceptional Outcomes is at the forefront of modeling the impacts of Social Media and Behavioral Finance on equity trading. We don’t build our state of the art programs just for giggles. We are focused on delivering a portfolio of products and services designed to improve the bottom line of both institutional investors and investor awareness companies.



dssBusiness Analytics and Optimization
Exceptional Outcomes has the people, process and technologies to help you improve your decision making by maximizing the power and value of your own information and expertise.




peProcess Excellence
At Exceptional Outcomes, our Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts will be the first to tell you that Lean and Six Sigma aren’t always the answer. That’s becuase we match the solution to the problem, not the other way around.