Blended Contact Center Setup and Optimization

Exceptional Outcomes is the premier provider of both tools and services for setting up and optimizing blended call centers. We can help you maximize agent productivity, increase right party engagement and improve call conversions.

The consultants of Exceptional Outcomes have a long history of optimizing productivity at blended call centers. Improvements have been delivered through optimized staffing and scheduling to improve productivity, predictive analytics to improve engagement and call quality to improve call outcomes. Our firm is unique in that we use tools such as predictive dialer simulators customized to our customer’s outbound environment. This allows our customers to continuously improve their dialer strategies without impacting productivity on the floor. We also provide our customers change management strategies and solutions that ensure the recommendations we provide are implemented as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Our most popular service is our “Campaign Checkup”, which is performed solely off a call center’s dialer logs. It’s fast, it involves almost no effort on a call center’s part and we get paid nothing unless we find opportunities for improvement.

We’ve helped a lot of companies so far, like this medical supply company which improved their inside sales revenue by over $3M a year thanks to our Campaign Checkup. You can read more about how our campaign checkup works by downloading our whitepaper.

We charge a fixed price of $5K per campaign analyzed, regardless of the resulting uplift to your revenue. The fee also includes five hours of post-discovery consulting to help you implement our recommendations.

Questions We Answer

  • How many agents should I have in each campaign?
  • What break protocols should I put in place?
  • What type of dialer would provide the best value for my call center, a hardware predictive dialer or a hosted VoIP one?
  • How important is it to productivity that the agents stick to the script?
  • What would be the impact of trimming the call script by a few minutes? How about adding to the script?
  • Based on my call list demographic, who should I be calling when?
  • When would Interactive Voice Response (IVR) be just as effective or more effective than a live call?
  • What parts of my call script are working and what aren’t?
  • Is there a distinct profile for agents who will have a high percentage of conversions?

Services We Offer

  • Dialer Selection and Implementation
  • Call Campaign Design
  • Optimized Staffing and Scheduling
  • Optimization of Dialer Configuration
  • Predictive Analytics to improve right party engagement
  • Call Quality Analysis

Proven Results

Click Here to read how Exceptional Outcomes utilized Design of Experiments in order to improve and Outbound Center’s engagement rate from 9.8% to 22.8%.

Click Here to read how Exceptional Outcomes utilized Predictive Analytics to improve an Outbound Call Center’s annual revenue by $1.4M.

Click Here to read how Exceptional Outcomes utilized Predictive Dialer Simulation to improve an outbound center’s attempt rate by 6% without any additional technology or staff.


We are certified partners with several ┬ácontact center technology companies. When we help you set up your contact center, we’ll match you with the right vendor based on all your performance expectations and business goals.